Levity's show is full of life and laughter. His creative and innovative instruments are a delight to watch and the way he interacts with children to make them part of the show is awesome. His music supports the living world strand of the curriculum and makes it easy for children and adults to learn about creatures maybe not known before.

-Zoe Hollis, teacher/Henry Hill School

...I saw your concert this morning at Chartwell kindy.
I just wanted to email you to say how fabulous i thought it was!
You are a master.
The children loved it.
Kind regards Rochelle

-Parent at Chartwell Kindergarten-

Levity’s live shows are energetic and inspiring. He is a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who relates to the audience in a down to earth manner. Whether it’s a bell on top of his head, a ukulele, bongo drums, or his homemade ‘fizzunkafone’, Levity keeps children wide eyed and engaged with stories and songs. Add a kazoo, penguins and a touch of humour and you have a show not to be missed!”

-Kath Bee, songwriter, performer

Kids on Broadway-Matamata
Hi Levity, great to see you again today, we all loved your show. The children started being creative with all sorts of things they found outside after you left. Making drums out of very random things, but they sounded great!

-Staff at Kids on Broadway, Matamata 2013-

'Levity’s music is original & inspiring. We love his work and so do the children and whanau. He is innovative in his performances, totally captivating for all ages and best of all, lots of fun.'

-Golden Bay Kindergarten 2011

"Levity's pure heart "Beets" beautifully in his edgy spin on family music. I treasure his fresh and unique style, as it balances childlike fun with artistic creativity"
-Jon Samson, music therapist, teaching artist, performer, producer & life coach


'A good mix of listening, involvement, movement and calm.
A well researched program which supports young children at their respective ages.'

-Brian Webb Kindergarten 2005


Levity's natural ability to perform to children is wonderful, his songs are full of interesting musical instruments, catchy rhythms and addictive rhymes and tunes.

His CD is a favourite with our 4 year old daughter and us as parents, as it is a fresh sound for children's ears. Levity's songs reflect knowledge of our native New Zealand history, plants, and animals and are fun to learn and sing along to, a top notch children's composer and performer!

-Amiria Grenell, Musician, parent


Levity is an inspiration not only to kids but to adults alike. The fun

and wonderment he inspires in children is only surpassed by his skills

as a musician. Every time I meet him I leave with a smile on my face

and it's no wonder he's an APRA award winner. If only we had more like

him, one of New Zealand's true gems.

 -Craig Smith "The Wonky Donkey Dude"

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